Born in Rajasthan, India.

BeginningChasing creativity and design throughout his childhood, Josh groomed himself through adolescence and eventually, secured himself a spot at the National Institute Of Fashion Technology in India. He graduated from the institute with an award for creative excellence
AmidstScooped up directly into a successful and eccentric label, Josh saw himself designing and working as the head designer for menswear at Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna. With six years worth of virtuous work, assertion and ideas up his sleeves, he branched out.
NamesakePost his tenure at Rohit and Rahul, he cultured his namesake label, JOSH GORAYA; which essentially speaks of linearity in silhouettes, assortment in gender and identities and longevity when spoken in terms of vanity.
2013Marked to be the year that Josh took home the title award for the prestigious ‘Let’s Design’ contest which was supported by Cotton Council International and Fashion Design Council Of India.
Arvind x JGGraduating on the same lines, Arvind Limited, a landmark Denim and Cotton house reached out to Josh for creative consultation in regards to seasonal campaigns and their presence in media.
RunwayJOSH GORAYA, the label, debuted its first runway collection at India Fashion Week with S/S 2014 which was accepted in proportions for being globally encompassing.
OCM x JGRoping together, a collaboration was made with the suiting and textile giant OCM which is still seeing collectibles being added to a library of bespoke and tastefully tailored garments.
Fashion IndiaJosh was then featured in the book, ‘Fashion India’ by Phyllida Jay, published under Thames and Hudson, which reads into just how vast the horizon of fashion is in India by talking of designers from all generations of the arena.
OnsetJosh Goraya progressed in terms of becoming an institution concerned with design at its keel. The orientation now lay with creativity as a whole and not just its dealing with clothing. Clothing, as a bigger agenda, was maneuvered under the typecast of Culture Cultivation (CC).