Cementing traditional ethics with radical modernism, Josh Goraya aims at irrigating a scheme of restrained class. Contemplating an engaging identity; notions of ease and linearity are kept in tandem. The bedrock of Goraya's work is encouraged by discreet sexuality and an underlying need to curtail the unnecessary. Motivation is the contradiction between the undying classics and the uprising youth; constantly concerned with search, timelessness and longevity.

The essence of Josh Goraya, the label, supported the gyrations of vanity amongst/by us. This recalled the purpose of clothing for Josh himself.

Change is formative and diligent; we may metamorphosize into another version of ourselves via nothing but a gentle turn of the page. For him, this is what is necessary when cultivating.


Axial shifts were regarded as the onset of now time jive. The general idea is a derivative of an ideology smitten with design; design can't be about a single entity. Thus, clothing isn't simply Goraya's interpretation of beliefs.

He's more than the new trend; one that runs parallel almost to a customary drill.



Delivering himself from a design head at a premeditated organization to creating his namesake label; a transition was made. This label sat tight with its understanding of gender bending idiosyncrasies and sartorial needs.

Once, the first streak of designing was satiated, Josh identified the iconoclast in him. Surpassing the need of a new silhouette was the outset.

An ulterior motive was undersigned to the origin of this idea. Clothing came to have a bigger agenda than the designer and the individual; thus, Goraya is beyond clothing and vice verse. As a creative force, he wishes to do things in ways that surpass clothing yet, this as the favorite medium, comes into use. Apparel here runs with a bigger agenda.

It reflects an invigorating section of society therefore, CC. Goraya wished not to set in mould an entire society, but to provide facility for one; Devoid of ego.

Come to see, Culture Cultivation marks the breaking of the stereotype of bespoke tailoring and the celebratory treatment of a self that can spend for it. Clothing became a method of delivering mass affection. It reflects the whole society as does CC. CC looks forward to bringing home to you a staple, you can attach yourself with and find another homeboy across the globe, wearing the same, reveling within this community Josh aims at founding.

From Them, to Me; the next is Us.